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"As you sow so shall you reap."

-- Galatians 6:7

Interesting Video Links:

Prager University: What is Fair?

Prager University: Are Free Markets Moral? ...YES!

Prager University: Free Enterprise is Good!

Milton Friedman has a few wise words about Limited Government and Subsidiarity!

I, Pencil: The Movie! - "I, Pencil" was an essay on the complexity of the marketplace written by Leonard Read first published in 1958. It's now been made into a movie! It is a great example of the principle of Spontaneous Order in action!

Hungarian-born billionaire buys airtime to warn against socialism...

The free market works on it's own, it does not require the assistance of magical elves! "Yankee Dood It", how the free market works. Warner Brothers cartoon from 1956.

From Free Market America (If I wanted America to Fail):

TED Talks Tim Harford: Trial, error and the God complex. An excellent presentation about the complexity of market systems. He calls the belief that authorities can understand and regulate complex systems "The God Complex". Similar ideas about Spontaneous Order are found in the short story I, Pencil by Lawrence W. Reed and Milton Friedman

The Koch people made an interesting video. It mentions most of the Principles of the the Free Market near the end.

Reason Foundation's diving off a cliff with the national debt.

Bill Whittle present some good arguments for the principle of Subsidiarity, though he doesn't actually use the word!

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