The Free Market Monument Foundation

"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the State. They forget that the State lives at the expense of everyone."

-- Frederique Bastiat (1801 - 1850) French economist and member of the French assembly

Your contributions to the Free Market Monument Foundation make it possible to continue our work promoting Free Market Principles and eventually building the Free Market Monument. For contributions of just $5 or more we will send you a standard parchment of The Principles of the Free Market, Free Market Principles Ball Point Pen and our Got Principles? bumper sticker!

Got Principles? Free Market Principles Bumper Sticker

5 or more bumper stickers (11" X 3") can be obtained for $2 each.

Free Market Principles Ball Point Pens!

5 or more Ball Point Pens can be obtained for $2 each.

We will send our you a Free Market Principles Coffee Mug for Contributions of $20 or more, plus our bumper sticker, ball point pen and parchment!

Free Market Principles Coffee Mugs!

5 or more Coffee Mugs can be obtained for $10 each.

Your contribution is essential in completing construction of The Free Market Monument, dedicated to those who taught us the virtues of free markets and documenting and preserving The Principles of the Free Market for this generation and all those who follow.


Or Make checks payable to:

Free Market Monument Foundation
2026 South Montezuma Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85711-6273

If you would like to help out, have ideas on how to improve the Free Market Monument or have opinions on the Principles of the Free Market, Contact Us or e-mail us at:

Although they are not yet available, for contributions of $100 or more we will send our Free Market Principles T-Shirt (size Large unless otherwise specified) along with a mug, pen, bumper sticker and parchment! There is no set time when these T-shirts will be produced. We will post here when it happens!

Coming Soon:Tervis tumblers with a similar design to the Coffee Mugs and T-shirts!

Free Market T-shirts (Front) Free Market Principles T-shirt (Back)
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